Amy Fournie

Teacher, coffee addict, tiny dawg lover.


Jason Doherty

Psychologist, cookie eater, amateur chef.

Our Story

  • First Date

    April 4, 2019

    Our first date was at Fretboard Coffee in Columbia MO, where Jason was on a six month placement at Mizzou and Amy was searching for Scotsmen on Bumble after reading too much Outlander.

  • Summer 2019

    Our time together seemed destined to be short with Jason moving back to Scotland at the end of summer, so we spent almost every day together. Jason didn't get much work done at Mizzou....

  • Edinburgh and Italy

    July 2019

    We rounded out an amazing summer with a trip back to Scotland, and to Italy. Amy's mind was blown: "I didn't think places like this existed in real life!"

  • Long Distance

    July-December 2019

    Realizing we were onto a good thing, we went "long distance," with Jason travelling back to the US every chance he got, including for Christmas and New Year's Day.

  • Valentine's Day 2020

    Feb 14th 2020

    Just before the world got thrown into disarray, we had an amazing Valentine's Day weekend in NYC. Much pizza, beer, and cocktails were enjoyed....

  • Longer Distance

    March 2020 - June 2020

    For obvious reasons, long distance became even longer during 2020. The processing of Jason's work visa was put on hold as all embassies were closed, and travel to the USA from Europe was banned... But the real test of our relationship was Jason's unbelievable 10 game winning streak in Words with Friends.

  • Engagement

    June 2020

    Amy managed to visit Edinburgh for five weeks at the end of summer. One morning, we were talking about the future and how one way for Jason to move over the US was to get married. It seemed so obvious!

    Jason: Soooo, should I ask...?

    Amy: ...Okay!

    Jason: Will you...

    Amy: EEEeee....Okay, go.

    Jason: Will you marry me?

    Amy: YES!

    Jason already had a ring, but it was hidden away at his sister's house. So after both driving to pick it up, Jason got down on one knee and it was "official"!